Adam Smith Center was the first politically independent science and research institute foundation established in Poland or Central-Eastern Europe (September, 1989).

The mission of the Center is conducting studies and research on free market economy and taking actions on behalf of promoting free market rules based on the following fundamentals:

• freedom and morality
• proprietary rights
• legal freedom of contracts
• limiting government authorities’ influence on economy
• freedom of speech
• free and responsible society

The Center is focused on: making research, education activity, preparing legal regulations, publishing books and reports, producing television programs. There are almost 50 top-ranking specialist cooperating in areas of economics, law, politics, sociology, information technology and others.

The main projects

• Tax Freedom Day (calculated for Poland);
• Economic Freedom Index (as a partner of Economic Freedom Network and Fraser Institute);
• Krzysztof Dzierzawski Prize (granted for people promoting idea of freedom and reason);
• Innovator – Local Government Day (competition for the most admired personality, project or company among local governments)

Adam Smith Center is one of the most frequently present institution in the media. Its experts appears on television, radio, newspapers and internet almost five thousand times annually. The Center is recognized by 23% of Polish population, according to the survey prepared by Institute of Research on Opinion and Market (April 2003).

The Center prepared and lobbied to adopt Act on Free Access to Public Information (2001) and submitted to the parliament its own project of act on liquidating telecommunication monopoly in Poland.

Adam Smith Center was awarded many prestigious prizes for its activity, among others:

• The Highest Reputation Brand Title in Poland (2006)
• The Best Civil Initiative Pro Publico Bono (2001)
• Economics Education Foundation’s Prize (1994; 1996)

Adam Smith Center Management

• Prof. Robert Gwiazdowski – President of the Board, expert in economic law, tax law and economic governance,
• Andrzej Sadowski – Vice President of the Board, expert in economics, economics commentator in major media outlets,
• Cezary Kaźmierczak – Member of the Board, expert in media and communication,
• Ireneusz Jabłoński – Member of the Board, expert in banking and finances,
• Dr. Dariusz Adamski ‐ Member of the Board and reasearch projects coordinator, expert in public governance, European affairs, as well as new technology law and regulation. 



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